What is The Best Way to Contact your Ex-Girlfriend?

What is The Best Way to Contact your Ex-Girlfriend?

What is The Best Way to Contact your Ex-Girlfriend?

You may be asking, what is the best way to contact your ex-girlfriend? Well, today I am going to provide useful tips on how to go about this topic. The process involved in determining how to contact your ex-girlfriend is always complicated.

On the other hand, knowing what to use while contacting her is a different thing altogether. I have compiled this guide that focuses on some of the best ways you can be in touch with her.

This article provides you with five ways that most individuals use to converse with their ex-girlfriends after breaking-up as lovers. Let us have a check on the following forms:

  1. Phone calls.
  2. Through email.
  3. Social media platforms such as Facebook.
  4. Text messages.
  5. Applications such as WhatsApp and Snap chat.

It is true that some of the ways you can use to contact her are better than others. But, the effectiveness of each method to use depends on personal efforts on your end. I suppose you already know about the no contact rule and the effect it can have on a break-up relationship.

‘No contact rule’ means you avoid communicating with her at all for some time. This can be for roughly 30 days after the break-up or more depending on the situation. So, that is what you need to do before you develop thoughts of communicating to her. Now you understand, right?


Text Messages is the Best way to Contact Your Ex

Personally, I think text messages are the best creation. It gives you the opportunity to be at least close to who care for although the whole day without being clingy. Those in healthy relationships text each other every time.

They do it early morning upon waking up, in the afternoon, in the evening and late at night when wishing each other a wonderful night. So, what is the reason that makes this method a good way of contacting your ex-girlfriend?


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Merits of Texting Your Ex Girlfriend

You check your phone frequently, correct? What are you checking? The answer is messages. So it is just to affirm that she will see your text messages. Besides, she may be able to respond immediately.

Nonetheless, the immediate response may not be possible on other means of communication such as email. Email might take her some days to check and maybe answer. Well, my point is it allows immediate delivery and response.

Avoid getting emotional whenever you think about her. The fact that you are no longer with her can drive you crazy and cause a lot of havoc to your relationship. Come to think of a moment that she says something to you that makes you mad.

If you were using a phone call, you are most likely to react the wrong way that might end up being a serious quarrel. The point is text messaging offers you the comfort to think before sending the message. It gives you room to calm even if you are too upset. You end up not messing up. In other terms, you get the time to think about what you want to say to her especially if your ex-girlfriend don’t want to talk to you.


Phone Calls are Not Always the Best Way

don't use the phone at first to contact your ex girlfriend

Honestly, talking via phone is an awesome way to express your attraction to her. It is affirmative that having a phone call with her should happen if you aim at gaining much success with her. Consider doing this in an honorable way.

The honorable way to talk to her is through the phone.

Avoid calling her immediately after the no contact rule and request for a date. She will probably deny you the chance to contact her. Be realistic. The silence creates a long distance between you, and she is probably not willing to give in easily.

Also, you ought to remember that text messages work well with emotions rather than calls at such a time. You don’t need to be told that she is likely to respond with much emotion at this time.

It is true that when emotions run so high, logic tends to run low. Imagine you call her after the no contact rule for close to seven times without an answer. You are likely to get angry. You try the eighth call, and she picks but talks in a sluggish manner.

Being angry, you start quarreling her. Trust me; she will cut the conversation short asking you to never call her again. So, you just ruined it.

The bottom line is you make sure you message her first. By that, you get her a positive mindset before you attempt calling her and that’s might well be the way how you can get your ex girlfriend back again.


Social Media is a way to Contact Your Ex Girlfriend?

social media sites can be good to contacting your ex girlfriend again

Social media includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, among others. Someone may argue that it is not the best way to communicate an important and sensitive message. Of course, that does not mean that social media has no place in your quest of communicating to with your ex-girlfriend.

You can converse with her on one or two things. From that point forward, she can request a call or a message from you or she may call or text herself. That is possible after she heals the pain she has from the broken relationship.

Again there are other social sites that can allow video calls. For example, snap chat, Skype, and WhatsApp. The reason I may prefer these is that they enable you to express personal appeal. You must understand that women love appeal – Check out this article: what turns women on.

She will love it when she sees you expressing yourself because she has a grasp of the emotions in you. Now you know. Give this a try if at all you are willing to get her mind back to you.

In conclusion, most means of communication are useful ways of talking to your ex-girlfriend. However, doing the communication the correct way can change how things go between you and your ex-girlfriend.

Also, it is of great importance to avoid showing her how desperate you are in your quest to talk to her. Meanwhile, follow the guidelines laid down in this article and rest assured that you will make it in winning her back. She will talk to you more often than you expect.

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