Best Christmas Gift to Buy a Married Woman

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Without taking a big guess, we will assume this gift is for a married woman whom you are seeing. During the holidays, it is always nice to give and receive little tokens or reminders of time spent together. With a married woman, the gift is going to have to be tempered a bit. Not to say, she will have to hide it from a suspicious husband, but there is a subtle, classy way to gift a married woman.

Some of the better ideas for gifts for a married woman center on beauty items. Most men are not going to pretend to care about what is in their wife’s arsenal of beauty products, so you are safe there. And women love beauty products. This also goes for perfumes provided you know exactly what kind of smell your woman goes for.  Anything which pampers a woman, like Lemongrass Eucalyptus Bath Body Lotion Scrub Spa Set , is going to be a soothing and relaxing treat for a woman.

For a woman who is in touch with all of her senses, consider the array of candles available. Candles are the enigma of pleasure given by light and smell. It is personal, and always well-received. Better, is every time she lights it, and the aroma fills the room, she will think of you in an affectionate way. Some candles lose their amazing scent quickly; you can avoid this by purchasing the Yankee Candle. If it is for a woman, try the Midnight Jasmine, the scent is reminiscence of secret longings for faraway places.

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The hottest, most desirable item right now is a Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp. This is an absolute winner for gifts this year. The Himalayan salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains. Simply light the lamp to bring on the calming Amber color. By heating the salt, the bulb will help release negative ions to purify the surrounding air.

Coffee lovers get giddy over gift baskets with different kinds of treats. The best one to make a huge impact is California Delicious Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket. The presentation is as exciting as is all the goodies inside the basket.

A book is another less conspicuous token of affection for a married woman, given she is a reader. Take the time to find out what she likes to read. Or you could go all out, and pick up one of those fabulous Kindles so she has the freedom to choose novel after novel on her own.

Wine is neutral in any gift giving moment. For some reason, when someone gives you a bottle of wine it is as if you were hugged by trusted confidante. To go all out, grab a 3 bottle sample of wines from “Sixteen by Twenty Wine” or check out some of the latest wine accessories such as Sorbus Wine Stakes Set,  three wine sticks hold bottle plus 2 glasses to prevent them from spilling or breaking and they just look so cool.

Whatever you do, do not purchase married woman lingerie unless you plan on her keeping it at your house. In the event the relationship fizzles out, that piece of lingerie will still be at your house—and she will be thinking about this long after the gift was given.

The idea of gift giving to a married woman should be focused on her personal loves and quirks. Her life is molded around family and not on herself. Be the warm fuzzy in her life, and pick out something which reminds her she is a woman first.  Tickets to your favorite sporting event do not count.

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