Get the Best Basic way on Attracting Girls

attracting a girl like her can be done

If уоu secretly wondered how you could be attracting girls this іs а great place tо start learning about the basic attracting of the opposite gender. You might think it would be difficult or complicated to attract girls, but it’s a misconception.

The art of seduction or getting the attention from girls is not as nearly as tough as you might have been led to believe.


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The first and most important thing to for attracting females is Confidence! If you don’t have confidence, you are wasting your time trying to attract girls. Good old fashion, natural confidence is what will get you the hot, sexy and sweet girls out there.

Most guys spend time on learning all the tips, tricks and other ways for attracting girls no matter if it is on Facebook, high school, bars or any other place you could double your dating. These guys spend time memorizing stuff but most women see right through it, because women are born with a sixth sense that makes them know when you are not genuine.

Pickup lines only works if you invented the pickup line yourself, but then it wouldn’t be a pickup line it would just be you being confident.


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learn basic way of attracting girlsNow I hope you understand what I mean about confidence, so how do you create this confidence if you don’t have it already?

This is the tough part because like everything in life, confidence just doesn’t come to you overnight. It comes from experience in failures and success in attracting the women.

If you start from the beginning with attracting females you might be shy or even have anxiety. In this case, you should start working on using eye contact. Stroll down the street and start looking people in the eyes without being a freak. Teach yourself to look people in the eyes without staring them down.

I know it can be scary and let me tell you a secret, most men have fear holding eye contact especially with an attractive girl. As a result, most avoid it, and will come off as a guy who fears attracting women.

If you start teaching yourself the skill in steps, you will become more confident eventually and when you master the “eye contact skill” you will be way ahead of most men. Women will react when you have no fear looking deep into their eyes.

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