Attracting a Woman by Knowing about Physical Contact

attract a girl by touching her mind

The best way for attracting a woman no matter how, where and when is by physical contact in form of touching the woman somehow. Before you start thinking about sleeping with her, you need to establish a basic level of mutual tactility.


Why Physical Contact

The both of you must create a healthy amount of touching. The woman might try to flirt by touching you on the leg or putting her hand on your knee. She may also allow you to let your fingers slide up her arm in a light flirtatiously way.

No matter how the touching is done, you simply need to touch the girl enough times in a way that doesn’t make you come off too strong or even being a pervert. If you trying touching her tits as a sick way for seducing a woman.

The problem about attracting a female for many men is how to get the show on the road when it comes to physical contact. As I said, you don’t want to come off as a pervert that will freak out the woman so she runs away right?



attracting a woman the right way so she is ready


Start Slowly – But Start

What I heard many women say, is men just go for it and a lot of times it ends up with the scenario of making the women feeling uncomfortable and even violated. Why, because guys are clumsy and rush into the touching part without knowing what to do when dating a woman.

Rushing in and making a woman feel uncomfortable is a big problem but an even bigger problem for men is that those who don’t rush in, a lot of those men stay away from touching which never gets them close to get a woman. This is the dumbest thing a guy can do for attracting a lady. It will send out the wrong message of not being interested in the woman, or he is a man who doesn’t have balls to touch the woman.

Both things are unattractive for any woman, and without touching you can be sitting there for a long time dreaming about getting into her pants, but it will never happen. If you want to know the secrets for attracting a woman, you need to know this vital thing.


know the answers to attract women

The Easy Solution

An easy solution to fix the touching part is by following a few basic rules that will not make the woman uncomfortable. This advice will not rush into touching someone, things will be relaxed and normal. You will manage to come off as a confident guy that has no problem touching girls without being a creep.

The belief many men have about touching a woman when you just meet her, is touching is not okay to do. If you have the idea you aren’t allowed to touch women, get rid of the belief right away. It will ruin everything for you in building attraction, so get rid of it for good.

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If you want to make a good strong first impression that makes a bond at the first encounter, gently touch her outside of her right arm while you are trying to tell or explain something to her. The outside of a woman’s arm or a man for that matter, isn’t intimate enough for being awkward and you aren’t crossing the comfort zone when not being asked to by touching her.

At the same time, touching the arm shows you’re a social guy who is relaxed to be around women. This little trick works and not only for attracting girls. If you watch CNN or something else with Politicians try to observe when they greet people. Shaking hands and touching the right arm at the same slightly.

When you talk to a woman you like, you need to keep up the physical contact. By doing this you are maintaining the rapport you build with her, and by having physical contact, it won’t just get her attention but also build sexual attraction in her.

There are a lot of ways to touch a woman in an innocent gentle way. For instance if she asks for direction to the toilet, you can gently touch her shoulder and maybe even spin her in the right direction with your hand on the shoulder while you explain which way to go.

If you have been in a conversation with a woman and you get her number, be relaxed and hug her goodbye, or even just give her a kiss on the cheek like it is the most common thing to do. Even though you got her number, you need to build sexual attraction so don’t waste the opportunity if the two of you are going in each direction.

The reason to build sexual attraction is, she will be thinking about you. If you don’t and she is hot, it will not be long until the next guy asks for her number. However with physical contact she will remember you and it will be a lot easier to proceed from here.

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