How to Attract Married Women Discretely

Let’s face it – whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, hooking up with a married woman is exhilarating. Every man will experience the victory of winning over a lady that has given her heart to someone else. In addition, attracting a married woman is usually a lot more difficult than getting to be with a single girl.

The fact that you have to make the entire process discreet increases the challenge and makes the game even more rewarding.

If you don’t have a lot of experience in this field, you’ll need to be careful and take it slow. The science of attracting married women involves a number of very important steps that you simply can’t rush through. There will be emotions and uncertainty. One wrong or hasty step will end things before they have even started.

Attract Married Women Discretely

Use Online Opportunities

Online dating is a lot of fun, especially for people that want discreet opportunities. According to an Indiana University study, women are more likely to cheat on their partner online because they’re looking for an emotional connection. Very often, these virtual encounters with men don’t turn into an actual affair. Still, by approaching women online, you’re getting access to some opportunities that could develop into something wonderful.

Register in a dating website and take some time to explore profiles and get a better idea about what women want. You may also attempt approaching some of the ladies, even if you’re not interested in them. This way, you’ll get to practice your virtual communication skills without feeling a lot of pressure to succeed.

Build a Friendship

Whether you’re using online or offline communication channels, you have to build a friendship before pursuing something else. As already mentioned, married women are looking for an emotional connection. If she feels that her husband isn’t listening to her anymore, she will look for someone to confide in.

Don’t flirt blatantly right from the start. Chances are that she’ll get scared, even if she’s interested in pursuing something with you. Once you get her emotionally invested in a platonic relationship, you’ll find it so much easier to seduce her.

In addition, women like the game. If you make your intentions known right from the start, chances are that she’ll turn you down. Pretending to be aloof and uninterested, however, will fire her up. She’ll want to know whether you find her attractive. It’s even possible for her to initiate the flirting.

Make Her Think about Her Relationship

When communicating with a married woman, especially someone that has been in a relationship for a very long period of time, you’ll have to make her think about her relationship (and show her how you’re different from her husband).

In most marriages, the passion subsides with time. Partners start taking each other for granted. Remind her about what being courted and desired feels like. Show her that you find her attractive – chances are that her husband is no longer being that affectionate.

By showing a woman what she’s missing, you’ll make her crave those early stages of the relationship. As soon as she starts thinking about the shortcomings of her marriage, she will also start wondering about the alternatives. Once you get there, you can make your next move.

Wait for Her to Make the Move

If you’ve managed to accomplish everything mentioned in the article so far, you’ll simply have to sit and wait. Chances are that she’ll call you because she’s already emotionally dependent. Don’t be pushy. Calling her frequently and being adamant about communication will make it difficult for her to enjoy the interaction. Remember that she’s married, which means that it’s simply not possible to communicate with each other at any given time.

Be patient and give her time to make the final decision. You may have to spend a few hours on emotional phone conversations before she opens up to the possibility. If you’ve played all of your cards right, however, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing experience.

She will realize that she’s attracted to you soon after the emotional connection is established. Be a gentleman, be passionate and be there for her. If you’re sensual and appreciative enough, she will come back and crave intimacy with you time and time again.

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