2 Kind of Men when it comes to Approach Women Fearlessly

use the fearless way when approaching the women

The world is different in so many ways, but when it comes to approach women fearlessly the world isn’t that complicated. Why, because there are only two different kinds of men. You are both of them but you are more one of them more than the other. Each of the two is intelligent, nice and single.

Does it sound totally weird especially how to approach fearlessly? Well it does so let me explain. Those two guys have a different approach to life.

Matt is a normal average man who goes to work, go home and eat, hang out with friends and think that life will bring good things. Matt goes out and approach a woman from time to time, but he always feels he meets a girl few times by luck maybe because he have to overcome his anxiety of dating.

He calls the girl he was lucky to get a number from, but she never answers so he leaves a message and she never calls back on his approach. He calls back many times before any luck and he tries to be fearlessly for a date, with luck gives him a yes from the woman he approach, but she always burns him off before meeting for the actual date. This happens every time and he tends to gives up on approaching women fearlessly, because why try if you fail every time?


how to approach women fearlessly


Mike is also a normal average man but he stands out because he has a fearlessly attitude. Mike is active about his life and also goes out and approaches a girl. Mike knows if life doesn’t treat you right and what you dream about, you have to be active and steer life where you want it to go fearlessly.

Mike doesn’t sit around and hope for luck when he approaches a woman fearlessly. He tries to learn and tries to use what he has learned, and if he fails, he learns by his mistakes so he approach the next females fearlessly and with success. If he fails in getting a phone number he changes what he did wrong. If he fails in the attempt to approach a woman he tries to learn what he did wrong in the approach every time his dating.

Mike knows if women behave in a certain way, it’s something he can influence with his approach. If he gets rejected Mike knows he can change how to approach females fearlessly and limit those rejections to a minimum or to not existing.

Mike knows it isn’t about finding a woman by luck; it is about him changing so the women invite to be approached. Mike makes life happen fearlessly, doesn’t let it happen to him. Mike and Matt are equals in so many ways, but Mike get success in approaching women because he pulls himself up fearlessly from the ground if he gets rejected and learns why it happened.

Matt depends on luck or gives up on women day by day because rejections making him bitter and in the end he totally avoids women. I won’t ask which one of those two you are, but I will ask you do you want to be Mike or Matt?

To have success you need to learn by your mistakes, pull yourself up after rejection and figure out why it happened and change that. It goes for everything in life and maybe you heard the biggest cliché what women find attractive but it is actually true.

Women love a man with confidence, and a confident man doesn’t get shot down by rejection, he learns to avoid it. That’s why he has no anxiety on dating and knows every step and approach women is a step to success.

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