7 Tips To Get A Girlfriend

It can be hard to get a girlfriend, it can also be one of the most nerve racking things. In this article we will review seven tips on how to get a girlfriend.

1. Be patient:

Life doesn’t normally work on the schedule you envision. The girl of your dreams could come into your life at any moment, so you just need to stay patient and she will come along. A healthy relationship will make you feel like you are on top of the world, so don’t rush it, you will know when the right person comes along. The last thing you want to do is jump into something with the wrong girl while the right one is out there somewhere.

2. Be Kind:

Just because it gets our attention, doesn’t mean teasing us gets our affection. Girls are more sensitive than you’d think, and a simple on-purpose rude remark could cause them to never even think about talking to you. The last thing you want to do is isult them to the point of no return, Instead compliment her on something good she has done or on something she is wearing. Flattering a girl can go along way, also be sympathetic if she makes a mistake, remember she is only human and she is going to make some. But take great caution not to sound sarcastic. You always want to be kind and humble.

3. Close the deal:

When you are talking to a girl the last thing you want is for the conversation to get awkward, so make sure that you are the one to end the conversation. Sometimes there is a long pause when you are done talking and this can lead to a girl not being interested because she thinks there isn’t a strong connection. When you end the conversation, simply say “Hey, I’ve gotta go, but it’s been really good talking to you. Want to continue this over a cup of coffee sometime?” when she says yes just ask her for her number and then head home. In the event she does say no, its okay to just move on. Plenty of fish in the sea.

4.  Be sanitary:

A girl will never want a boy who doesn’t wash his hands or brush his teeth. So take showers, wash your hands, clean your glasses, brush your teeth, and things like that. Never give other girls more attention than her. Also when telling girls you like them, don’t seem so aggressive; say it nice and gentle.

5. Don’t be shy:

because chances are, she’s just as nervous as you. Don’t put all the work on her, because it just makes it harder on her (and its really hard to pick her up if she’s shy so try to get her confident). Don’t start doing these all at once. Slowly build up to it. If you suddenly change, she’ll think you’re kinda creepy. Never Give up on someone you love but remember to never cry for the ones that don’t deserve your tears.

6. Go out of your way for her:

If you’re already flirting and getting to know each other, then you can start going out of your way for the girl to let her know she matters to you. You don’t have to make any grand gestures to make her see that you’re willing to do things for her and care about how she’s feeling.

7. Go on a date:

When you find a girl that you feel like you have a strong connection with, you will need her to like you. If you have done the following steps correctly, there is a strong chance that this girl is already interested in you. So now what you have to do is seal the deal, ask her out on a date, offer to pick her up, walk her there, or take the bus together. Not only is this polite, but it will give the two of you more time to talk during the course of the night. It is really important that you don’t ask her out over a text, you must ask her out in either person or over the phone, hiding behind a text is not the way to go. You will want to pay for the first date, even if she insists you don’t have to it is the gentlemanly thing to do. So you must insist that you pay, even if you have to do t in secret.


After everything that you have learned in the article you will want to Initiate the second date. If you still feel a good vibe a week or so after the first date, consider asking her out again.  The second date should be a little more romantic than the first, the second date is also a prime time to make the first move and kiss her, if she has agreed to go on a second date with you then she likes you and has already thought about kissing you, she is just waiting for the right moment just like you. If this is your first kiss with the girl, leave it at that, even if she invites you in. Just reply “Not tonight, but next time!” This will show her you want something more meaningful than just a hookup while conveying that you are still interested. After the second date you will usually have a very good read on the situation after the second date things just keep getting easier and easier because you will get to know each other and conversation will start to flow effortlessly. So get out there and find the girl you are looking for.

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