7 steps to woo a married women

woo a married women

Although many faces would frown at even the idea of going after a married woman, let’s be realistic here and admit this is a force which occurs all the time. Humans are attracted to whom they are attracted to, and in today’s world this is no longer a closed door occurrence.  Who truly knows the reasons why the chase begins, it could be something as simple as a pleasure encounter, or a more deeply rooted connection created over time.  The truth is, people are fallible, and beautifully flawed that when the intense chemistry passes between two people, everything is eventual.

Some men pursue married woman because they like the idea of the ‘no commitment clause’ and some will tell you ‘it just happened’. Whatever the reasons, there are a solid 7 ways to woo a married woman.

  1. A married woman may pursue you first, so brace for the clues. When there is something missing at home, or her marriage is on the downslide, she may reach out for comfort, passion, excitement, and anything else to fill the void which is a silent growing black hole. If you feel the vibe from a woman, say a co-worker or friend, take the initiative to talk to her. Perhaps over coffee, you will be privileged to the big picture going on in her life and can play the chess game from this. Being her confidante is a huge deal for women carrying around a hurt or raging suitcase. With clean intentions, a listening ear, and strong arms, you have opened the door to the possibility of something more.
  2. The laws of attraction can be trying. It is also natural phenomenon for two people to find themselves in a compromising position. If you are clicking with someone, continue the flirt and the delicious conversation which is laying the foundation for the inevitable intertwinement. Women love the attention, compliments and much-needed notice.
  3. It is all about signals. While women are naturally tuned to excel at eye contact with men, sometimes men will miss the cue completely. Say you are in a club and a woman has glanced at you more than once, it is best to catch her doing it again and hold the eye contact for a few seconds, smile and then look away. Walk a bit closer, repeat eye contact process. This is the ‘prowl’, a natural hunting technique. The objective is to lure her into conversation, and lock in her interest. If this is a one night event, for sake of, ignore the signs she may be married completely. Don’t even ask. This seduction is just that.
  4. The difference between wooing a married woman and having a relationship with a married woman is getting caught in the forbidden triangle. Unless you have become the confidante, and even as the confidante, be careful of spilled-over consequences.
  5. Understand what your own motives are before seducing another man’s woman. Whether you are a player, or someone who just fell into this odd situation, self-introspection and forward thinking are required first and foremost. Sloppy intentions, selfish pick up artist mind, and love-obsessed behaviors can have devastating drama attached to the situation. What happens when the passion subsides, and you still have to work side-by-side with this woman? Or what if this woman feels played and decides to rage via social media, or even confesses to her husband. There are so many scenarios which could play out, and not all of them include a mature ending. Think before you touch.
  6. Many (not all) women can be caught with guard down when it comes to a man being totally mesmerized by her. Especially if that man brings something to the table she wants. Your job is to find out what she wants. Is it a hot hunk straight out of a romantic novel, seducing her into her own x-rated fairytale scenario? Or does she need glamour and for you to make it rain, so she can escape from her lack-of stability or poverty routine happening in her home. She may be so disillusioned, her hope has expired, and you hold a magical moment she desperately needs. Find out her longing, her needs, and that little empty box she carries inside…then find the key to filling it.
  7. Unless a married woman is going through a divorce, remember this is a non-committal fusion between two consenting adults. Be mature, realistic and honorable about the seduction. If it is time to walk away…then get those boots going. Discretion is a big deal. Adults, who agree to color outside the lines, should always keep the secret. Forever.

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