7 Steps to Get a Girlfriend in 2016

Is this your year to find a good relationship? It is if you want it to be. Perhaps you are shy, or lacking in game; you should know this is okay. In fact, this is going to improve your odds more than ever to find a girlfriend this year. This is an opportune time for the men on the back-burners to finally come forward and shine. Women have grown weary of players, Don Juans, and basically any guy who comes at them without a genuine ‘face’.

So what is up with this abrupt change? Could it be women became so over stimulated by the game and by the results? Men have been putting out books on ‘how to be a pick-up artist’ for over a decade and now women are not impressed. It is fair to say, every type of man has been rolling through their dating arsenal for the past years and now they want something completely different. All you nice guys, shy guys, boy-next-doors and morally-intact guys step up. This is your year to get a girlfriend. Here are some tips for moving forward.

Get a Girlfriend

  1. Have Your Life Together

Make sure you are ready for a relationship. This means get your life on track. Women are looking at growth potential in a relationship and the very last thing they want to hear is life-blame. So you lost your job or recently got out of another relationship, accept the loss and move quick to recover. There is nothing worse than the guy who blames everything around him when things go wrong instead of taking a personal accountability for the mess.

A girl is attracted to a man who knows how to recover and do it well. This shows the warrior in him. Any guy who can take life’s horrible wrongdoings and bounce back like an Olympic champion is the guy a girl is going to feel safe and stable with.

When you meet a girl who is relationship material, as you get to know her and disclose the past, be sure to tell her how you rebounded. Lose the ugliness, bitterness and denial. If you cannot, you are not ready.

  1. Show Her, Don’t Tell Her

Women are very tired of talkers. Be a man of subtle genuine thoughts and interesting actions. It is one thing to sit and brag about all the extreme sports you have done, and to actually live a life which says you are into extreme sports. Women do not like facades. Don’t be something you are not.  It may seem easier to let your ego do your talking and it may work initially, but it is not enough to keep her. Eventually she is going to want you to back all the talk up by including her in these so-called activities.

In order to attract the girl who truly is a match, you have to remain true to yourself. If you are into gaming, let it be known from the beginning. Why try to catch a hot girl with epic stories about skydiving if you have never done it or plan to? If you want to go to the next level stay honest, and confident about the things you love. Women are intrigued by the guy who has hobbies he absolutely loves, whether it is rock-collecting, biking or cooking, they only want to witness the fascination or even be a part of it.

  1. Charm Comes Naturally

Perhaps you think women are like song lyrics and need a hook. Maybe you are awkward and reserved never quite knowing how to open the conversation. Guess what? This is okay. In fact, if you are willing to make eye contact for a minute and present a great smile, girls are brave enough to come up to you and initiate interest. Once you realize this, you will be able to relax and feel comfortable in your own skin.  Women are not scary panthers waiting to suck away your soul in rejection. We live in an era of the perfect ‘meeting of minds’.

If you are willing to be your glorious self and put it all out there, there will be a woman who delights in it guaranteed. Women are not as complicated as you think. The simplicity of a guy who is confident and accepts himself is irresistible. This is charm.

  1. The Mystery of the Date

The concept behind taking a girl on a date is overwhelming, anxiety-producing and just plain stressful. It sets you and her up for expectations, too much self-awareness and uncomfortable situational behaviors which basically steal your moment.

In order to prevent this, decide what is comfortable for you and go with it. Remember, you want to be seen, not the situation. The setting should compliment your personality and style. For instance, if you are a chicken and rib guy, it doesn’t serve your best interests to be caught sitting in a fine dining restaurant. If you love the movies, avoid the opera, so-to-speak. Be you, in your setting. This is part of revealing the mystery of you. Trust that she will fall in. It is the later dates when you know what she loves, you start making the dates about her.

  1. Hands Off

Society today has women screaming inside. Guys have become morally vacant when it comes to how women feel about sex. They either don’t care what women think or they just don’t know. If you want a girlfriend, seduce her with your intelligence, humor, achievements, and so on. Aggressive guys with a mind set on sexual innuendos and comments do not ever make the cut. An attractive girl hears this day in and day out. It gets old.

When you are trying to get a girlfriend, stay on course and do not fall head first into the gutter. This is not an age-relevant matter either. It is about respect and how you see them. Girls worry too about their reputation, no matter how much they want to jump your bones.  A 2 am booty call, is going to get you exactly that and no more. If you want meaning and to be loved, then hands off until she is comfortable.

  1. That Awful Feeling

Rejection is something both men and women fear. It is a normal feeling. It should not, however, keep you from trying. Once you realize rejection is inevitable and learn to deal with it, you can overcome with confidence to move beyond it. You will not be every girl’s type, but you will be somebody’s type. Keep your head up and keep going. Don’t try too hard, but don’t stop trying.

  1. Can You Laugh?

Have you done a humor check on yourself lately? Believe it or not, humor (besides the eyes) is the number one quality women are attracted to. A guy who can deliver a witty comeback, laugh at himself and sees life in a humorous way will find a girlfriend. But there is a difference between trying too hard to be funny and naturally finding humor. Don’t push for it, let it happen. The woman who ‘gets’ your humor and applauds, is the girl for you. This is how you make a sure connection. Borrow the cute little dog from the neighbor to walk around available women, but don’t ever leave behind your authentic self, especially your sense of humor.

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