60 Days to a Six Pack

Truth About Abs – Find Out Here!

Back not so long ago the fitness industry was experiencing a lot of hype with two different methods of getting a six pack. One was known as “5-minute abs!” and the other was extreme workouts. Both were ridiculously flaunted as the sure thing to have a body like Thor.  The studies are in, and well, nothing has really changed about exercise in all these years other than you have to work that body.

Lesson number 1: Don’t target only your abs to lose fat

The biggest mistake people make trying to get chiseled abs is they believe if they only did ab exercises, the belly would disappear. It takes 250,000 crunches to burn a pound of fat, according to top scientists from the University of Virginia.

Lesson number 2: Do work every single muscle

The more muscle you have, the faster energy burns. Muscle is going to be your fat burner and your metabolism booster. A single total body weight-training session will lift your metabolism for almost 2 days.  Syracuse University researcher discovered men tend to neglect the leg work more often and focusing more on their upper body. However, people burned more calories a day from the lower-body session than by working on their upper bodies.  The smartest way to train is workout your entire body every other day.

Six Pack

Even if you haven’t worked out in awhile, consider muscle memory. Simply put, after you teach your body how to do something it creates a physiological blueprint. Once you jump back into exercise, you will get back to where you were faster than it took you to learn the exercise the first time.

Lesson number 3: Don’t start your workout with crunches

What is a true core exercise? It is one which trains you to keep the spine stable and within its natural alignment. Crunches and sit ups allow you to flex the lower spine. A true core exercise like the plank, train the muscles to keep your spine from rounding. If you want those authentic six pack abs, think about building from the inside out. The core is the primary factor for almost every exercise. If you have a weak core, it could affect the amount of weight lifted in the squat or dead lift. Strengthen your core first.

With that being said, don’t get obsessed with primary core exercises; remember the whole body needs to work. Two to four sets of two core exercises are very effective; you want to feel stronger, not tired.

Lesson number 4: Do master the plank

Consider the benefits of mastering the plank. This is probably one of the best exercises for the body ever considered. The plank exercise will teach you to control your core and make it stiff. It may seem like a rather boring exercise but in the long run it is a winner for the abs.

Try this plank on: Ball Planks

Get into a push-up position on an exercise ball: hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and your legs extended behind you, feet up on a ball. Maintain a straight line from head to toe, and push back slightly such that your arms are out in front of you. Hold this position for up to 60 seconds. Your abs are going to be screaming after this exercise, but keep going.

Lesson number 5: Don’t waste a second on the treadmill

Resistance training may have one-up on treadmills. A University of Southern Maine study discovered just by doing a single set of weight-training exercises you burn as many calories as running at a 6-minute mile pace for the exact amount of time. If you are strapped for time for a workout, every second needs to work smarter. Flexibility and range of motion are added benefits of resistance training.

Lesson number 6: You have to be a ‘mindful’ eater

Getting into shape requires hard work, but the body needs the proper nutrition to fuel the effort. Learning how to feed your body means to repeat good dietary habits over and over until it becomes your way of life. Results don’t happen overnight, but if you pay attention to what you are consuming throughout the day and amend it, things really do fall into place.

If you want to achieve that ripped look you are going to have to chip away at your body fat stores. Losing fat isn’t simply a matter of exercising more and eating less; you need calories and energy. Find a great balance between proper nutrition and exercise. A customizable nutrition program is going to help you create the best diet for your goals, lifestyle, and for those rock-solid abs.


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