6 Gifts to give to a Married Women

Gifts Married WomenDating a married woman? Or maybe you’re just having great sex with her once in a while? Whatever the nature of the relationship is, you have to shower her with affection. Giving her gifts for no reason at all or for special occasions like valentines day, is an amazing way to make her feel special. These gifts, however, should be discreet enough – a diamond necklace will quickly raise suspicion.

So, what’s the best gift for the married woman in your life? Here are a few wonderful ideas that you can choose among, regardless of the occasion.

A Movie DVD

Chances are that you’ve talked about movies and you know what she likes. Show her that you’ve been listening by giving her a personalized gift. A DVD of her favorite movie and a beautiful bouquet will guarantee an unforgettable night for both of you.

Alternatively, you may want to opt for something a bit more suggestive.

Mild erotica will make her think of you. Such a gift gives her a taste of the “forbidden fruit” and it will make her fantasize. Going for something a bit more suggestive, however, will be appropriate at later stages of the game. Don’t opt for something this risky right from the start because such a gift may scare her.


This is another sensual gift, plus it’s something that you can enjoy together.

Every woman dreams of owning at least a few pairs of silky, lacy lingerie. The gift is once again suggestive. It will get her thinking about how the present can be put to use and how attracted to her you are.

The gift is suitable for married ladies that already own lingerie. If something lacy, red and sexy appears all of the sudden among her cotton panties, chances are that she’ll have a difficult time explaining the change in taste to her husband.

Print or Painting

A woman that’s into art will appreciate this kind of gift, especially if you choose a piece that corresponds to the style that she enjoys the most. Depending on the artwork that you go for, it may be a bit expensive. Such a gift is probably best for a special occasion like her birthday.

Try to find out who her favorite artist is. Once you get the information, you can either order a print or have a young artist execute something brand new in the respective style. If you go for a new painting, you’ll have some freedom in terms of choosing the theme. It could be something suggestive or it could commemorate a precious moment that you shared with each other.

A Relaxing Experience

Has she been stressed out lately? Does she dedicate a lot of time to building her career? If so, you may opt for a gift that’s an experience rather than an item.

Give her a voucher for an hour-long massage in a luxurious spa salon. She’ll feel rejuvenated and chances are that the gift will pay off with a passionate experience later on. The same applies to just about any spa procedure.

Alternatively, you can get her a pampering gift that she can use in the comfort of her own home. Scented candles, an aromatherapy kit, a hot stone therapy kit, a massager or even a simple bathbomb will be truly appreciated.

Massage Oil

This is another gift that the two of you can use together and spice up your sex life. Are there any people on earth that don’t enjoy massages? We don’t think so! Get a massage oil kit and learn how to give each other sensual massages.

A massage can be very relaxing, plus it doubles as amazing foreplay. Chances are that a well-executed massage will quickly lead to something else in the bedroom. She’ll appreciate your desire to help her relax and she may also be interested in giving you a long massage (with something extra).


This gift is far from innovative and amazingly original but it’s a classic that managed to stand the test of time.

When opting for a box of chocolates, make sure that you’re buying the finest and most expensive variety. Belgian and Swiss chocolate are both excellent picks. Most ladies adore chocolate (make sure that she’s one of them). This is a small, everyday gift that doesn’t cost an awful lot but that shows how much you care.

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