5 crazy ways to woo a women by text

woo a women by text

In a wild attempt to understand what draws women closer to you, texting has fast become the preferred method for many reasons. Texting opens the doors to the next step in seduction. It also slams those doors if you have trouble with inflexion, and understanding her tone behind the conversation. For this purpose, you can choose the crazy route because rejection by text just means you need to perfect your game.  So what are crazy ways to seduce a woman by text?

  1. Send one word or curious sentence.

While it may come across peculiar to do so, a word which describes a place, a new movie, or anything which provides intrigue, and demands a curious response. For example, I know a guy who texts women “Mimosas”. He always gets a response—which is his personal lead, because he happens to love the Saturday bottomless Mimosas at a hip restaurant. While his effort to include a woman partner-in-crime is there, either way he is going to drink Mimosas. What evidently happens is he always has a lovely woman joining him in the venture. The rules to this are to offer a cool scene, and indifference. This works because there is no pressure either way, and the woman gets a minute to actually wrap her mind around the idea.

  1. GIF it out

These days, texting has evolved to full-fledged gifs as conversations. You can pretty much type in your thoughts and a perfect GIF will pop up. Many women love this, because it is light, fun, and subtle into leading to the end goal.  Snapchat and Instagram are other ways to drive the fun road to seduction in visual aids.  Don’t discount the value of social media to put you on the seduction track. These are common tools for establishing intentions, relationships and everything else.  If you are truly crazy, Snapchat  pictures which show what you are up to (no bathroom/dic pics please) but something like cooking, with a place card with her name on it—very cool.  Keep it light; until she is open to seduction, she may even initiate it if you have a great imagination. And don’t ask for nudes, let it be her idea only.

  1. The ‘mistaken’ text

Okay, so you just met her, you got her stats, now what? This is when you compose a sweet text about her such as “I just met this girl and she is so…. (Fill in the blanks)I really want to ask her out” and then send it to her. Immediately follow it up with an apology, saying you meant to send that to one of your friends. She is ready for you to actually ask out.

  1. The spontaneous text

The text of spectacular urgency includes throwing out a unique opportunity for a sudden meeting. Be sure the meeting place is a sensory-catcher, and light-hearted. You are creating an association between this place and you as a memory for her. The idea is to catch her off-guard with an all-embracing idea that she will not want to miss it.  If it is a first date scenario, keep the time short, so she has the desire to do this again because she is captured by your life-grabbing imagination and drive.

  1. The name game

A nickname symbolizes closeness; it can help your flirting skills if done properly. It is all about what name you pick and your timing. It should be in accordance to how much time you have been together (wifey is not a good go-to nickname if you just met her a week ago). Sexual nicknames are given after physical intimacy and not spoken in public.

Avoid picking names from any movie, TV show, or books, this lacks in uniqueness.  Mostly, makes sure she likes it and responds to it in a positive manner.  Remember sharing the same kind of humor is an open door to a woman’s head and heart. Nicknames can create an immediate bond and make a woman feel special.


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