5 Best Ways to Meet Women



5 Best Ways to Meet Women

Many men report an increasing difficulty in getting to meet new women as they age. This is to be expected because as we grow older, our social reach seems to shrink compared to our youth – not unless we make the effort to sustain it, that is. The average man in his thirties is very likely to have a small group of close friends, a bunch of coworkers and, well, their family. Meeting new women is no longer as easy as it were, when attending the next college party was always an option within reach. No longer does such a man have a seemingly innocent reason to socialize and spend time close to women, like he did when he was attending class.

So, should an unmarried, mature man abandon all hope and leave the option of love, sex and a close relationship to fateful chance meetings? Quite the contrary. As we will thoroughly explain in this article, there are always easy ways to meet beautiful women, through many channels of communication. But first, we need to establish what we are looking for.

Types of Women

Defining the perfect woman is completely impossible, as each man has different preferences. Sure, we all want our girls to look great, be at the very least somewhat intelligent and be extremely into us, but that does not say much at the end of the day. Depending on your own lifestyle and preferences, as well as your character and beliefs, you might want to frequent different venues in order to meet – and eventually attract – women that will appeal to you specifically.
For example, let us take religion as an example. A religious person could meet and socialize with women during religious gatherings. Obviously, that would not be a great, optimal option for an atheist, as the difference in beliefs would prove to be quite the obstacle to overcome for them. It is not impossible for such a relationship to work, but the conditions would definitely be less than ideal.
So, you first step is to identify what YOU are looking for in life. If you want to marry and settle down, party girls in their twenties are probably not going to cut it for you. Adjust your modus operandi accordingly to your own specific circumstances and desires. Below, we will provide you with the 5 best ways to meet women, which we believe are broad enough to be of use to anyone.

Day Game

Man and woman strengthen hands at fitness training

In this section we will review three ways to meet women during daytime, where social pressure is at its lowest and people are more prone to socialize:

GYM: The gym is an excellent way to meet and socialize with active, good looking women. What is great about these girls is that they are actively interested in maintaining – or improving – their appearance. They are doers not mere talkers, which says a lot of their character. As always, practice good gym etiquette – don’t talk to people that are not open to chit chat. Also, feel free to exchange “gym” with dance classes or yoga. All three options work well, and you will quickly find they are abundant in women.

ART: No venue attracts well cultured and well traveled women better than events organized by art museums, or galleries. The fact that these events often have free drinks makes them even more appealing for the budget conscious man. Again, feel free to exchange “art event” with your favorite band’s music festival – like we said, you want to meet women who you share commonalities with.

VOLUNTEERING: This might seem less obvious and is certainly much more time consuming, but the benefits are there. You should consider volunteering, as people who volunteer are almost guaranteed to be value givers at heart – and thus pleasant to be with. Moreover, other than meeting high quality people, you will also be offering service to your community and making the world a better place. What is not to like, really?

Night Game

Meet Woment,


There is always the old school bar hopping option. What you need is simple. A brave heart, a like-minded friend and the capacity to stay up light. This is probably “meeting women on hard mode”, as people have generally grown more guarded when it comes to socializing at night venues these days.
The option is always there however and it would be a shame to not mention it. Your rule of thumb should be to have fun and enjoy yourself first and meet women later. Do not make a big deal out of it, try to be social with everyone and you will shortly end up a few friends and contacts richer than you were before.

Earlier, we mentioned how socializing and flirting has grown to be more difficult lately. This is a direct result of the prevalence of online communication in our everyday life. People seem to prefer the relatively safe online contact as it requires little – if any – investment on their part. You can use this to your advantage.
There are many dedicated online services, sites and mobile apps for you to use in order to meet new women. Tinder is one of them, but there are hundreds more, really. This is an option particularly suited for people who work heavy hours and cannot afford to party around at night, nor can they attend social events frequently.
If you go this route, you will find that online flirting is governed by two simple rules. Be interesting. And, second, don’t be uninteresting.


As we just demonstrated, there are still many great ways to meet women in 2017. Some are less obvious than others, but as long as you put in the time and effort, you WILL be soon a few women richer in your contact list. Always remember, however, that meeting women is merely the first step. In order to capitalize on your new connections and really put your new contacts to good use, you need to become a man that women will genuinely like. And having said that, you might discover that should you happen to become that man, women will start looking for you.

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