15 Steps to Becoming a Master Seducer!

know how to be a master seducer to get woman

The skill of seduction is something NOT everyone is born with. In most cases, people work hard to acquire this kind of skill. Most men would definitely strive so hard to master this craft!

Look at these 15 steps to becoming a master seducer and never ever feel awkward amidst all those beautiful fellas surrounding you.


Learn How to Give Compliments

Women love being complimented, so learn how to be generous with it. Noticing her new dress, hair do, or her smile even on a not-so beautiful day will definitely make her feel good about herself. That will also make her feel good when she’s around you.

When she feels light and at ease having you around, she would think of hanging out with you more often! Simple things like “it’s good to see such a great smile on a bad day like this” could earn you some points.

What is important is that you don’t overdo things because you want to avoid compliment also. Read this article to understand what I mean, how to make a Girl Interested in You by Avoiding Compliments.



Women like to be listened to. When you lend her an ear it shows you actually care about her and it can create more of a bond between you and her.


It’s in the Way You Talk

You have to learn what to say and of course HOW to say it to a female. This has a great impact on how to seduce a woman. Words have great power to persuade, so use it to your advantage.


Make Her Feel Protected

This doesn’t only pertain to protecting her from any physical dangers. She has to know you are trustworthy enough to protect her from any social harm and you value her social image.


Be in Control

To get a woman into the mood, you have to make her feel you are in control. The key is to be relaxed and make her feel comfortable.


Be a Gentleman

Don’t forget you manners. No matter how much you want to seduce a woman, if she finds you obnoxious, it will definitely put her off. If you need help, you can benefit by reading this on your phone or kindle, How to be a gentleman – BEREOLAESQUE.


Be Presentable

No one likes to date a caveman. Try to show an alpha male attitude, although it doesn’t entirely depend on looks, it is always better you’re at your best at all times. It is important you have an appearance that shows you are a groomed man with style and not a lazy boy. If you need help regarding this, I suggest you try the handsome factor program which is on trial for 1$ and implement what you learn.



learn the 15 steps to becoming a master seducer

Give Her Mystery

Give her a little something to think about. Most men often talk too much which makes them uninteresting. Women like challenges so they’ll love it if you give them something to ponder on when they sit alone at home thinking about you.


Never try too hard

Looking like you are trying too hard to get her is a big fail when you are trying to seduce a woman. Instead you can start with subtly giving her signals then slowly escalate which will make her feel intense towards you rather than losing your luck in trying too hard.


Think of Something Different

Don’t stick to the same habit most men usually have when trying to get a woman’s attention. Instead, think of something different and creative. Learn some magic tricks or other things that can easily catch their attention.


Get Her Engaged

Small talks are good but if you really want to seduce a girl. You have to make her feel more than what she would feel when she talks to other guys too. You need to find a way how to get past the small talk and connect with her by learning how to tease a woman. This can engage you with most girls.


Take Time

Don’t be an eager beaver, don’t rush things and take it one step at a time. Patience is a virtue.


Be Sincere

When they feel you aren’t at all sincere and honest to them that will create a gap and lessen the chances of you getting your girl.


Explore Their Sexuality

Women often rely to their emotions rather than physical attraction. Do take time to explore and find out what sets them on.


Be Yourself

Don’t forget who you are and don’t be someone you are not. It’s easier to be yourself than stick to playing a role. Chances are you might get caught and never get a chance to see her again.

Seduction is all about the great art of communicating and the right approach so take time to master it. These 15 steps to becoming a master seducer can give you an overall start. If you want a full program on how to be a natural with women, sign up below and receive tips and 2 of the best free books in very few seconds.

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