10 Worst Text Message to Send to a Married Woman

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Before you skip off into temptation of seducing a married woman (or perhaps it is already too late for you). There are some reality punches coming your way. Rendezvous’ with a married woman can get intense. I am not talking about the initial chemistry which has you acting like a backwards school boy. It is what happens after the agreement to see each other again. You have just entered the illusions zone. What you see before you is Aphrodite herself offering the fruits of forbiddances in the most sensual delivery you have ever witnessed.

Behind that goddess is a truth you should probably think about after removing the glaze from your eyes. These are married woman, which means you are their second life.  You are not their priority, they have plenty of those…which could be the reason for you—you may look like a tropical vacation to them. More often than not, the relationship will lose its steam when the sex gets repetitive and boring and she will move on to someone else or return to being a faithful wife. Don’t get caught in a daydream about her divorcing her husband for you.

Worst text

With this in mind, there are some simple ground rules which go along with dating a married woman. For instance, never invade her space. You are welcome to her private moments, but not to her whole life. Even the most confident woman could be thrown into an anxiety disorder with an overzealous lover peeking in every corner of her being.

Another rule is texting. You never know who might be at the other end of the phone when you send that ‘I miss you’ text.  In fact, think real hard about what you will type in before you hit send.

And if any of the following ten worst text messages to a married woman lies at your fingertips, time for a cell phone toss.

  1. “I think it is time we brought everything out in the open”
  2. “I might have an STD”
  3. “I want to come over now”
  4. “I left my wallet in your car”
  5. ‘I went ahead and picked up your kids from school”
  6. “I finally met your husband today”
  7. “I just bought a home down the street from yours”
  8. “I went to your work; they didn’t know who I was”
  9. “Hey, didn’t you see me waving at you at your son’s soccer game?”
  10. “I got you a puppy”

Bonus: “Hey, don’t suppose your husband is into a threesome?”

Now let’s deal with the ‘elephant in the room’. Why are you pursuing a married woman? It could be for a disposable relationship, a short-lived romp or the conqueror fantasy. Single men are not the only culprit in off-limit flirtations, married woman have a few extra divots they are carrying.  The biggest one being consequences—especially emotionally. Married women have to carry the secret long after the sex fantasy or the high-school love illusion has burst.   Dating a married woman may be ‘convenient’ without all the commitment attached, so play time is the nucleus of the union. However, there is a bigger picture here. It is wise to take a look at the wide view shot before stepping into muddy territory.

Twenty years ago, this topic would have never surfaced on the table. Discretion was everything in those who had the mind to commit adultery. People were still doing it; they were just very hush-hush in the process. Swingers clubs were born out of dull marriages looking to vamp up sexual meaning in life. Today, there is a whole new openness and possibly acceptance to the unpredictable lusts in human behavior.  For some, this is a delicious pursuit, while others amend to vows. Everybody has their own individual paths.

Dating a married is a can of worms. It can be a whole container of emotional rushes. If you are a thrill seeker wanting a simple fling, think before you chase the one with the ring on her finger.  And if you are already doing the swing-dance with a married woman, please refrain from sending texts, or you could end up on the ‘10 worst texts to send to a married woman list.’


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