10 Tips on How to Keep Your Girlfriend Interested

If you want to know how to keep a girl interested, this will mean that you put some extra time and work to actually achieve it. Whether you have a girlfriend or not, you need to know how you want your relationship to go on, if you want it last then you will do more to save it. If you give up and let go of all the efforts you have put during the time you were courting her, it is likely that she will not wait for you. Here are some tips to keep your girl interested:

Keep Your Girlfriend Interested

If you are still in the first phase of dating or you are married for years, women love compliments. Ensure that she always feels like the most beautiful woman in the world. It does not necessarily have to be big, just a simple compliment. “Wow! You look turning or that dress is killing me, you have nailed my eye on you today” will be enough. Do not assume she has agreed to go with you or even marry you, she does not need to hear you sing her this lovely words.

  • Go for holidays together

When you go on vacation, it simply mean both of you want to spend some precious quality time together. A vacation, whether by yourself or with your friends, give you the opportunity to get out of your normal routine and adventure and misfortunes together that will help you find precious memories. This is effective in keeping that girl interested in you.

  • Remain mysterious

When you become a couple, it is easy to leave your guard and feel comfortable with each other. Feeling good with someone does not mean you start to leave the bathroom door open or forget the common ways. She is not your brother.

  • Do not be over jealousy

If you are over jealous, it will certainly run your wife to the other side. This will make you irrational and will stifle it. Jealousy is healthy as long as it does not rise above the top and does not cause asphyxia in your partner.

If you think you keeping close to her all the time, your relationship will be beneficial to you then you are seriously on a path to destroying that relationship. To make sure that a girl is always interested in you, you must let her live, not only to allow her own space, but also feel free from you. In this way, even you will not get bored of her due to her constant presence.

  • Make her your priority

It is easy to feel comfortable and convincing. If you want to interest her, make sure she always know that she is your first priority.

  • Be firm about your options in decision making

A girl always loves a man who is able to make quick decisions, with conviction and confidence. If you are making a decision about your job, your future or your order at a restaurant, it is important that you do it with confidence, without questioning the decision you have made. Such personality is what will keep your girl interested in you, every girl loves a man who stands by his decision and defends it such a personality shows you’re a man of character.This does not mean that you ignore her input and decisions. You should also be able to compromise if she does not agree with you. These qualities are important in attracting and keeping a girl interested in you.

  • Never stop flirting

How much time has passed since you treated her, as if you were still attracting her attention and flirting with her? If you want to know how you are interested in a girl, never stop flirting with her and let her know that when you have to get someone to pick you up. Do you remember the sexual statements you used while looking at her jeans?

  • Always be smart looking

This does not mean that you need to be physically attractive, but you must take care of your appearance. Dress well, which means you wear clean clothing when you meet or make sure you have showered and used a deodorant when you stay at home. Caring for your hygiene is not only of interest to a girl, but is also very attractive.

  • Show interest in her life and activities

Ask her what she likes and whether she wants to commit to new things, make sure you have a good relationship with your friends and family, and be a person who can tell them something. After all, you the man of the house so you must balance between work family and friends.

You should not share too many common interests, on the contrary, it’s good to be a little different. Show interest in her hobbies as this shows that you really care about her. In return, she will appreciate your efforts and keep loving you.

  • Be good and honest with her.

Many girls can sense a lie even before you say it, so do not do it. You do not have to lie to make it more interesting. The girl will appreciate your honesty and if you are not interested then maybe you should not be lying. Girls tend to be compassionate that is just their nature, therefore if you show kindness to her and other people, you are likely to get their attention and interest fixated on you due to your disposition and your human qualities.


Do not change after you marry her as she gets into that relationship because of the person she has come to know during courtship. So it is important that you keep playing as if she is yet to say yes.  If you stop being the man she came to know during courtship then she will lose interest in you and maybe one evening surprise you with that statement ‘ I think we should give it a break since it is not working anymore’.

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