10 Interesting Topics to Talk about with Your Crush to Increase Intimacy

10 Interesting Topics to Talk about with Your Crush to Increase IntimacyIt can be nerve-racking to find the right conversation topic to talk about with your crush. Heck, even talking to your crush might seem like an impossible task. For most guys out there, striking up a conversation with someone they would potentially like to date can be a challenge, especially if that person isn’t used to speaking with the opposite gender.

However, to those guys out there having a hard time speaking or even making direct eye-contact with their crush, it’s surprisingly easy to find a topic of discussion that will keep her interested in talking with you for long periods. You can use the following items to help keep the conversation going and to increase intimacy with her. Keep in mind that it’s not just the topics you talk about that keep her glued to the conversation, but it’s also about how you display confidence and an aura of knowledge whilst doing it.

1. Hobbies

Talking about hobbies is one of the safest conversation topics to discuss. There’s no pressure of saying the wrong thing, and you can always look for similarities in interests. If you enjoy the same hobby or hobbies, try asking him or her out to do it together. That way you’re asking her out on a date without it officially being a “date.” If on the off chance, you don’t share the same hobbies, you could try to ask him or her out to join you or ask if you could join her in doing one of their hobbies.

2. Favorite/Least Favorite Movies and Actors

Everybody has a favorite and least favorite actor and movie. This is also another safe topic to discuss since it’s all just a matter of opinion. If you end up liking the same actor or actress, you could invite them over to enjoy a movie night with you. Just keep the discussion in the matter of movies and actors and you’ll find you’ll have plenty to talk about with him or her.

3. Little Secrets

This topic is a little bit more private, especially if you want to divulge something deep and dark. However, as long as it’s not anything crazy like a murder or a sex fetish, you should be okay. Try not to put any pressure on your crush by forcing them to talk about anything they feel uncomfortable discussing. By telling them something a bit more personal about yourself, you’re letting your crush know that you’re opening yourself up a little bit more and are inviting them to do the same.

4. Your and His/Her Family

Family is something that everybody is going to discuss with at a certain point with their crush. Talking about the goods and bads of your family is a way to let him or her know that you’re allowing them entrance into a personal part of your life. If your crush does the same, be sure not to pass judgment or make snide remarks on any of their family members since this could create a barrier between you and your crush.

5. The Past

Discussing the past is sure to have your crush ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. If your crush knows that you’re interested, be sure to steer clear of topics that would put your crush on the spot, such as your positive experiences with your former boy or girlfriend. The parts of your past you should talk about are things that made you feel a certain emotion or maybe just a funny story that you think your crush would enjoy. 

6. The Idea of a Life Partner

If you plan on discussing this topic with your crush, be sure that you’re completely comfortable with opening this part of your life with him or her. Talking about your ideal mate might come off as expectant of your crush, especially if he or she knows that you’re interested in them. Just don’t be disappointed if, whether obliviously or intentionally, your crush describes their ideal mate as someone being the complete opposite of yourself. If you talking about having a life partner with your crush, be prepared for the worst.

7. Self-Improvement

When we say you can talk about self-improvement, we don’t mean you should tell your crush ways on how he or she can improve themselves. Ask them what they think are their greatest flaws and how they can overcome them. Be sure not to sound so much like an interviewer but rather more like a friend who’s genuinely interested in him or her as a person. If possible, try and sneak in a few off-the-cuff compliments for certain parts of their life you feel don’t need improvement (e.g. weight, intelligence, etc.).

8. Favorite Hangout Place(s)

 Favorite Hangout Place

This is another safe topic to talk about with your crush. Ask him or her where they like to hang out and how often they go there. However, try not to sound like a creep when asking these questions since it could give off a stalker vibe. Instead, if they talk about their favorite hangout places, ask if you can join him or her when they go. Perhaps if you’re lucky, you will get the invite and see more of him or her in a place of comfort.

9. Their Most Proud Moments

Like talking about the past, be sure to focus heavily on what accomplishments or milestones in their life that they’ve reached. Everybody likes to brag, especially when they’re asked to do so. Sneak in a few compliments as they talk about what they’ve done that makes them so proud of themselves. If you’d like, try and tell him or her that you’re envious of their accomplishments or are currently attempting to do something that they’ve already triumphed. Maybe they’ll offer a few tips or invite you to show you how things are done.

10. Mutual Friends

Talking about mutual friends can either be completely safe or like swimming with sharks. Make a clear distinction between friends and acquaintances since you don’t want to open a topic of discussion about somebody you hardly know. If that happens, you’ll most likely find yourself talking nonsense or not having much to contribute to the conversation. If by chance, a mutual friend is somebody who is close to you, maybe you can have him or her help you by setting up joint activities that the three of you can do together. When you feel completely comfortable around your crush, your close friend will know when to take off.

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